PK Subban is supposed to be thrilled with himself after scoring the game winner. Instead all he could think about after scoring was how upset he is with his celebration.

Subban feels he went over the top skating to center ice doing the archer. Subban knows Don Cherry is going to be going after him. He's gone after him for less.

It looked like Theoren Fleury after scoring his famous playoff goal against the Oilers in the 80's.

As celebrations go, it was a lot more than Carey Price's gesture that the Penguins got so upset about that they wanted revenge.

However, the Flames didn't seem bothered. When Alex Tanguay was asked about it, he only thought he would have liked to have scored the winner so he would have had the chance.

For me, I don't care. However, I think I can agree with Subban's own assessment as he said after the game that he should have celebrated with his mates.

I can see that.

However, I also watched all four NFL games this weekend and I saw a lot of times where the player who scored the touchdown was actually kind of pushing his mates aside so they could celebrate more freely and alone.

In one instance, Shone Green scored a touchdown and put the ball down and used it as a pillow and went into a sleeping position. Clever. Patriots didn't like it much, but in the NFL no one cares.

The winner earns the right to celebrate.

In the NHL though, in a regular season game, it might have been too much. The kid knows it too.

Expect Don Cherry to not be as vague or charitable as I. Cherry hasn't been a fan of Subban and this is more ammunition.

I should be talking about another Habs victory and the inability of the team to hold a lead and stay confident.

However, no one is going to be talking about anything else tomorrow but PK.

He does find the spotlight.

He's young. He's learning.

I'm going to continue to err on the side of charitable. The kid already knows he won't do the same thing next time. That's good enough for me.

But everyone else will be making their own call on the talk radio shows tomorrow.

What's your call?