From my time with the Oilers in Edmonton dating back to the early 90's, one of the relationships I have been able to foster is with Kevin Prendergast. He's an extremely intelligent hockey man who is the top scout and decision maker for talent, young and old, that the Oilers might be interested in. Prendergast and I talk usually when he takes in a Habs game. He doesn't take in many. Every two or three months, he watches one contest and then moves on to the next city whether it be Ottawa or Albany.

The last two times he stayed for an extended period, Alex Kovalev and Michael Ryder were on the trading blocks. Not to say that he said that was who was he looking at each time. He's too clever to offer that information to me, but one can take an educated guess, and put it together. Neither deal worked out between the Oilers and Habs, and I don't know honestly how close they got, but Prendergast wasn't in town for the hotdogs, though they sure are popular.

I mention all of this because Prendergast has spent the last three games watching the Habs home stand. A week in the same city is a long time for a scout like Prendergast. I won't speculate who he is looking at, because I haven't started a rumour in this industry in 26 years, so I won't start now. All I will say is I felt confident that he is definitely looking at some Hab closely. Feel free to start your own rumour.