The Canadiens are coming off their best game of the season and Tuesday night they will play host to the New Jersey Devils.

The easy defeat of the Chicago Blackhawks comes after a wild loss to the Philadelphia Flyers, so many are wondering: which Habs will show up tonight?

The players said last week's game against the Flyers was an aberration, and the players rethought strategies to face Chicago.

"Saturday night, we really stressed not giving them any chances that they didn't earn, and they're a very good team," said winger Brendan Gallagher.

"We didn't want to turn too many pucks over. We're going to have a team mentality tonight playing against a team that really likes to clog it up in the neutral zone. Not allow you much too speed."

Josh Gorges agreed that the Habs, when facing Chicago, had to concentrate on being aggressive.

"We wanted to be on the attack, on hunt, try to push the pace in their end.When they have as many talented players as they do, the best place to play is in their end, and I think we saw what kind of results we can get from it, and I think we have to have that same mind-set no matter who we are playing," said the defenceman.

He expects the Canadiens will bring that same mentality to Tuesday's game.

Head coach Michel Therrien seems to be very confident going into the game. He has not changed a single line, and refused to speak with reporters.

Instead a public relations representative told reporters that Therrien felt nothing needed to be changed, so he would not make any statements.