MONTREAL -- Forced to close for a third time during the pandemic, Jimmies Training Centre has found a way to still serve its clients.

Just like last year, Jimmies is offering outdoor workouts, which are allowed under Quebec’s public health measures.

“For us it was like, ‘Okay, we can't just go back to online,’” said Ali Le Pierres, president of Jimmies Training Centre.

“People want to be outside -- it's sunny, it's beautiful. We need to find something that's going to excite people and get them moving.”

Masks must now be worn at all times while participating in sports or recreational activities, and groups must not exceed eight people.

Despite the rules, for clients it’s a chance to get away from online and at-home workouts, they said.

“When I heard that the gyms were closing, I got very upset,” said client Pota Giannopoulos. “I actually cried because I need this.”

Jimmies caters to clients older than 50 years old and every piece of equipment is cleaned before, during and after a workout.

“For us, we never followed the two-metre rule. We have a five, six-metre rule all the time. We have everyone extremely distanced,” Le Pierres said.

“Especially in the springtime, when people want to be outside, want to get back in shape -- we didn’t want to close that door.”