Jim Edward and his wife Suzanne share something with Jean-Francois Larivee and Louise de Sousa.

They all suffered the loss of family members as a result of young men who went on senseless shooting sprees.

And they share more than just that.

They are also involved in lobbying for safer Canadian gun policy as a way to prevent others being claimed by gunfire.

They have united to urge voters not to vote Conservative, nor NDP this election.

That is because the Conservatives are not supporters of the gun registry and the NDP has not taken a stand to defend the registry.

That leaves the Liberals or the Bloc Quebecois as major parties that gun opponents could conscientiously support, according to them.

Hayder Kadhim agrees. He did not suffer the loss of a loved-one to gunfire but was himself shot in such an attack. Luckily he survived.

"I still have the bullets in my head and my neck," he told CTV Montreal.

Kadhim, who was wounded at the 2006 shooting at Dawson College, has expressed disappointment with the NDP.

"What's unfortunate from the NDP is that Jack Layton came to Dawson once and promised us to have a strong position about gun control in his party," Kadhim said in a separate interview with Canadian Press.

"But unfortunately in September I witnessed with my own eyes, that (Layton) didn't hold his promise."

With files from Canadian Press