A pregnant diabetic woman from Guinea was released from detention Monday and is now fighting to remain in the country on humanitarian grounds.

Sayon Camara, 42, was ordered to be deported in February because immigration officials believed her marriage was a sham.

Camara went into hiding to avoid the deportation, because she said if she's deported, she could lose her baby or face death.

She's now facing a 2 p.m. flight Tuesday afternoon.

"I'm asking for the immigration minister to help me on humanitarian grounds," she said.

Camara left her homeland in 2006 after the death of her first husband. She said the man, who was much older and had two other wives, physically abused and raped her.

"My former husband's family believes I was the cause of his death because I left the country after he died. I could be jailed in Guinea if I return."

She came to Canada, but was denied refugee status.

A year later, she married Abdoul Sow, a marriage immigration officials contend was a sham.

Family friend Bongo Kaba refutes the government's accusation.

"I was at their marriage," said Kaba, who said he thinks it's unfair to say their marriage isn't real.

The government needs to step in immediately to save her from deportation, said lawyer Stewart Instvanffy.

"Once she gets there, she loses the baby, and maybe she loses her life. We're not supposed to just wash our hands of that. And the baby is Canadian, because the father is Canadian," he said.