The grandson of an elderly couple murdered in their South Shore home is facing first-degree murder charges.

Jeannot Junior Cormier, 26, was arrested Monday afternoon after he was spotted by investigators at the home of the couple on Forestier St. in Saint-Catherine.

Jeannot Chapdelaine, 67, and his wife, Simone Jourdain, 78, were found dead there Monday morning by Roussillon police.

According to Crown Prosecutor Eve Malouin, evidence points to the two having been killed on Saturday. 

It appears that the suspect was raised by his grandparents and had lived in the house where their bodies were found.

Neighbours referred to the couple as easy going and friendly, but painted a very different description of the grandson. They described him as someone with erratic behaviour, who used drugs and had a history of petty crimes. They said they generally stayed away from him.

Neighbour Isabelle Lamontagne said she avoided Cormier and accused him of having stolen her daughter's bicycle. 

“He was talking to himself and just the way he walked – no never, I didn’t approach him,” she said. 

Roussillon police called in the SQ to take over the investigation, and as police were investigating the crime scene at 1 p.m. Monday, they noticed someone nearby. The suspect fled on foot but was quickly apprehended by police.

In Tuesday afternoon, Cormier was formally charged with two counts of first-degree murder at the Longueuil courthouse.

"From the Crown's point of view... he is suitable to stand trial, no evaluation will be asked by the Crown" said Malouin.

He also faces another charge for breach of probation related to a previous charge. 

Cormier's next court date is in mid-December. 

A motive for the crime has not been established.