Safe driving habits are a surefire way to reduce the chance of having a serious accident, and some experts believe the younger they're taught, the better.

For the past four years, a program called kartSTART has used go-karts to teach children as young as ten the basics of safe driving.

Starting slowly, the students learn driving manoevres at up to 75 kilometres per hour, all on a track in St-Eustache.

"You're going to drive every day of your life once you get your licence, right? So why not start early and learn a little bit more about it? This is what this program is designed to do," said kartSTART owner and former race car driver Russ Bond.

Young drivers are overrepresented in serious car crashes -- with 21.6 per cent of the crashes, despite being only 10 per cent of the driving population.

The SQ says most crashes are caused by recklessness and inexperience.