The Parti Quebecois has gained another seat in the National Assembly, at the expense of the Liberal party.

A recount showed that Meganne Perry Melancon, who had lost to Liberal candidate Alexandre Boulay by 132 votes, has instead won the riding of Gaspé by 41 votes.

That means the PQ will have 10 seats in the National Assembly, and because the party received more votes overall than Quebec Solidaire, will be considered the second opposition party in the National Assembly.

The Liberal party now has 29 seats since after the election Guy Ouellette was removed from the party and Liberal leader Philippe Couillard decided to resign from politics.

Interim Liberal leader Pierre Arcand said he was disappointed with the resuts of the recount.

"Mr. Boulay lost the election, it's really unfortunate because he was a really good candidate for us, very dynamic candidate, but at the end of the day, you know, the population chooses and we have to respect that," said Arcand.

Meanwhile the Liberal government held its final meeting for cabinet ministers on Thursday.

Next week MNAs will take their oaths of office, and on Oct. 18 Francois Legault will appoint his cabinet.

One ballot box forced recount

The recount came after a dispute concerning the contents of one ballot box.

On election night, the contents of the box were recorded as being 194 votes for the Liberals and four spoiled ballots, with no votes for any other party.

The judicial recount showed otherwise, and in the end Perry Melancon was awarded 6003 votes to Boulay's 5962

Elections Quebec has since launched an investigation into the vote count and how it, and the recount, were conducted.

"I think that's his duty to know exactly what happened. The result will be the same anyway," said Arcand.

Boulay conceded defeat, saying the recount was conducted with rigour and transparency.

Perry Melancon posted a message about her success on social media.

A recount on Tuesday in the riding of Iles de la Madeleine confirmed that Joel Arsenau of the PQ had won that seat, as initially reported.

The PQ is stil waiting to hear if a challenge of the results in Ungava will succeed.