Some kindergarten students were welcomed to school on Wednesday with a message about eating healthy.

Amid finding their classrooms, meeting their classmates and getting settled in to academic life, the five year olds at Edward Murphy Elementary School each got a nutrition passport.

Enthusiastic, attentive -- and maybe bewildered on the first day of kindergarten – the youngsters were given a booklet called FAB4.

The intention behind the booklet, which stands for Feed a Brain with the Four Food Groups, as a year-long look into how to make healthy food choices.

The booklet contains illustrations, mazes, puzzles and math games all to introduce them to the concept.

While at that age, their meals are prepared by their parents, the goal is to educate them early to allow them to choose the foods they like and think are good for them.

The English Montreal School Board is promoting the program in their schools among all the students with ambassadors including dieticians and a chef to help spread the message.

Private chef Tigreton was on hand for the event, and said growing up in Spain and cooking with his father in the Pyrenees helped shape his love of healthy foods.

“I think it’s all about love. I think it’s our duty as adults to teach kids how to cook, how to eat, the love of food. The kitchen should be a friendly, open environment where anyone can join. If you cook something and it tastes horrible, that’s okay! Next time it will taste better,” he said.

Dieticians said choosing the right foods can sometimes be complicated for adults, too, but that the focus should be on variety, balance and moderation.