The man convicted of murdering a political aide in 2008 has pleaded guilty to other crimes.

Francis Proulx was found guilty in 2009 of the first-degree murder of Nancy Michaud. He was sentenced to life in prison and Quebec's Court of Appeal ruled in July, 2012 that he had no grounds for appealling the verdict.

At that time Proulx said he hoped the Supreme Court of Canada would hear an appeal, but said in court this week he plans to abandon that appeal. He had yet to inform his lawyer, however.

During the trial a psychiatric witness admitted to lying while under oath, but that witness was found not guilty of perjury.

This week in court Proulx admitted his guilt in several other charges stemming from the murder: sexual assault, necrophilia, robbery and breaking and entering.

Nancy Michaud was a political aide for Liberal minister Claude Bechard. She was murdered in May 2008 in Riviere-Ouelle.

With a file from The Canadian Press