MONTREAL -- Forty youth are in isolation following a private party in Laval’s Ste-Rose area last weekend – six of whom have tested positive for COVID-19. 

And health authorities suspect there could be more. 

“In total, 40 young people will be isolated for 14 days and they are asked to go get tested," Judith Goudreau from Laval’s integrated health and social service centre told CTV News on Friday. “Our public health workers called all cases and their numerous contacts (friends, family, workplaces, etc.)"

Private gatherings are allowed in Quebec, but only 10 people or less are permitted to attend and physical distancing guidelines must still be followed. 

"More than forty young people were present," Goudreau said. "Social distancing was not possible." 

Though some have been critical of the Quebec government for recently allowing public gatherings of up to 250 people to take place, the province's public health director, Dr. Horacio Arruda, said in those settings, public health measures are strictly followed -- which isn't the case for private get-togethers.

About two weeks ago, Arruda and the province's health minister, Christian Dube, renewed their call for vigilance amid the pandemic and asked anyone who had even the slightest doubt to get tested for COVID-19. 

"Perhaps there was a little party somewhere and you thought you were limited to 10 people and it wasn’t done for whatever reason…," Dube said. "Well do not hesitate to get tested."

Goudreau said the people who attended the party in Laval have been very cooperative with health workers, “however, it’s still important to remind everyone of public health measures.” 

“We are monitoring this situation closely in order to understand the evolution and avoid spreading (COVID-19) in the community,” Goudreau added.