Former Quebec Premier Bernard Landry is in failing health, according to reports.

Landry requires oxygen tanks to breathe as his lungs have irreversibly atrophied, according to the La Presse report, and he is confined to a wheelchair.

The former Parti Quebecois leader has been visited at his Vercheres home in recent days by an array of friends from his time in politics, including Lucien Bouchard, Pierre Karl Peladeau, Louise Beaudoin and Louise Harel.

On Friday, Landry hosted interim PQ leader Pascal Berube, but will not attend the swearing in of PQ MNAs on Friday.

In an interview, Landry said despite his health problems, he remains a resolute sovereignist and that the recent electoral difficulties of the PQ have been difficult to watch. However, he believes the setback will give the party a chance to regroup.

He said that PQ founder Rene Levesque told him it would be a long battle for Quebec independence.