The city of Laval has given former interim mayor Alexandre Duplessis $170,000 as a departure package.

The total includes $134,974.96 in transition allowance and $35,403.05 in severance payments.

Duplessis resigned on June 28 after being voted in by fellow Pro Parti Laval councillors to replace longtime mayor Gilles Vaillancourt, who resigned November 9, 2012 and now faces a series of criminal charges.

Duplessis then also resigned in controversy after an affair involving escorts, who he claimed were trying to extort him.

The municipality acknowledged that according to the formula, Duplessis would have received less money had he not served as mayor.

Duplessis was first elected to council, as representative of Saint Martin in 2005. He was appointed to the executive committee in 2009.

In comparison Michael Applebaum, who recently resigned as mayor of Montreal after being charged with several criminal accusations, received $268,000 in spite of having served in office for over 18 years, versus less than eight for Duplessis.

The current interim mayor is Chomedey councillor Martine Beauregard but the city remains in trusteeship and its affairs are being overseen by the province.