Former Green and NDP candidates will square off against former NDP and Green Party members in the Longueuil-Saint Hubert riding on the South Shore of Montreal, while a former Parti Quebecois minister will run for the Liberals.

In a riding with more swaps than an NHL free agent market, incumbent Pierre Nantel, who was an NDP MP, switched to the Green Party, and will run against NDP candidate Eric Ferland, who is the former leader of the Green Party of Quebec.

Liberal candidate Rejean Hebert was a PQ minister in the National Assembly under Pauline Marois's government, and will also run in the riding.

Nantel openly called for Quebec's separation from Canada in a radio interview, while Ferland said he was a sovereigntist in the past, but that he's put that to be for the time being. He said, however, that he's not ruling out the issue in the future.

Ferland is determined to keep the seat orange in October.

"It's going to take a lot of work, that's for sure," he said. "I’m going to invest all my energy towards this campaign."

The riding switched from the Bloc Quebecois to the NDP as part of the orange wave in 2011. The Bloc is running actor Denis Trudel in the riding to try to win back the seat.