Local sports heroes gathered in Snowdon today for the 15th annual Sports Celebrity Breakfast.

Among the distinguished attendees: Felipe Alou, George St-Pierre, and Michael Farber.

Funds raised went towards helping senior citizens in need.

Alou won the Montreal Expos Legend award.

He was at the helm for 10 seasons with Nos Amours, winning 691 games. 

“Physically I have a bit of a leg problem, a knee replacement, but an event like this makes me feel a little younger,” he said.

Expos Nation still hasn’t forgotten the 83-year-old.

“He’s like the grandfather of the Expos,” said rapper Annakin Slayd. “When you’re in his presence, you just feel like, ‘Everybody out of the way. Here comes Felipe.’”

“When we see Felipe, there’s still that spark of that summer of 1994, 25 years later,” said Mitch Melnick of TSN 690, referring to the strike-shortened season where the Expos had baseball’s best record.

Alou still has the Montreal baseball fever and is optimistic about the sport returning to the city.

“It will be back and younger people like you, they will see that, God willing,” he said.