A group of foreign-trained doctors said Tuesday it believes long-term systematic discrimination among Quebec's universities and the College des Medecins have been keeping eligible doctors from gaining residency positions.

The group is also saying that they are facing competition from students from foreign universities in wealthy countries whose schools are paying Quebec universities for the coveted residency positions.

"Enough is enough," said Dr. Comlan Amouzou, representing the Coalition of Foreign-Trained Doctors in regards to the group's claim of discrimination. "Year after year, residency positions are left unfilled and we know that here in Quebec we are about 3000 IMG, highly qualified, who are ready to serve the Quebec population. They refuse those IMG."

Coalition of Foreign-Trained Doctors said that the confidential reports they have received from hospitals looking at filling residency positions proves their theory.

They say that after the first round of interviews in early March, 94 medical residency positions were still vacant although more than 130 foreign-trained doctors had applied for them.