A trio of insect-inspired sculptures will be on display at Frédéric-Back Park this summer as part of a project celebrating entomophilia, i.e. fondness for bugs. 

As of May 18, parkgoers can witness two giant antennae rising from the ground, large butterfly wings sparkling in the sunlight and an organic structure inspired by ant habitats.

The artworks are part of Celebrating Entomophilia's third edition, a series of events organized by the Insectarium that bring bug enthusiasts together -- and maybe convert the skeptics.

The idea is to "promote insects and their essential role in keeping nature in balance, which also benefits our health and well-being," said Insectarium Director Maxim Larrivée in a press release.

The three sculptures -- Bivouac by Collectif Escargo, À l'antenne by Architecturama and Hortus formica by Frédéric Saia -- are installed in the Boisé Est sector of Frédéric-Back Park, below the Belvedere (access via 2nd Avenue/Deville Street).

Learn more about the sculptures and this summer's planned events on the Espace pour la vie website.