Le Central Manger Montreal is on the ground floor of the new Carre St. Laurent at the corner of Ste. Catherine and is the first in the city jumping on the gourmet food hall craze.

"It's an experience," said chef Danny St. Pierre. "You can walk on by like in a market and sample what Montreal has to offer."

Strolling through Le Central, fresh nougat, handmade candy, tacos and pizza are just some of the foods on offer.

Chef Athiraj Phrasavath's father was a Lao-Thai chef and passed down his recipes that he serves at Thip Thip.

"You get the chilis, you get the sweetness, you get the bitterness at the same time then you get the big umami that comes at the end with each dish you have here," said Phrasavath.

The variety is wide at Le Central, as is the price point.

"This is a great spot that everybody can be pleased at the right price point," said St. Pierre. "You can get a $3.75 taco or a $50 platter of charcuterie and everybody can sit at the same table and have a good time."

Similar projects are underway in other areas of Montreal, and St. Pierre sees it as being the way of future eateries.

"I really think this is the future of our industry because to open a restaurant is a really big commitment," said St. Pierre.