According to the last census, approximately 150,000 people in Montreal visit a food bank monthly.

This week, several organizations will meet at Dawson College to find solutions to the question of making healthy food affordable.

The cause is close to the hearts of many people.

"We talk a lot in class and with students about how expensive food is," said Anna-Liisa Aunio, a teacher in the CEGEP's sociology department. "Especially is they want to...actually have sustainable, organic food."

The Canadian government will be unveiling its new food policy in the coming weeks.

As much as $50 billion of food in Canada is wasted every year. 

"We want to work on providing some funds for food infrastructure and equipment, to work on food waste," said Marie-Claude Bibueau, the Canadian Agriculture Minister. 

Locally, there are dozens of organizations trying to ensure that Montrealers have enough healthy food and that waste is limited.

"Just last year, we were able to get our hands on 15 million kilograms of food that would have gone to a landfill," said Richard Daneau, Executive Director of Moisson Montreal.