MONTREAL -- Ubisoft has decided to hire Christophe Derennes as the new director of its Montreal studio following the departure of Canadian director Yannis Mallat, who left due to an investigation surrounding allegations of misconduct and inappropriate behaviour. 

The announcement was made Monday in a release signed by the director-general of the company, Christine Burgess Quemard, who will be responsible for studios operated by Ubisoft elsewhere in the country.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Derennes has been with Ubisoft since 1997 and has worked as the executive vice-president of production for its Montreal studio.

In addition to Mallat’s departure, the accusations that swept over Ubisoft also saw the resignation of creative director Serge Hascoët. Cécile Carnet, the human resources manager, has also left the company.

In her message, Burgess Quemard said of letting Mallat go: "This decision is difficult, but necessary given the magnitude of the problems raised in recent weeks at our studios in Montreal and Toronto."

This report by The Canadian Press was first published July 13, 2020.