MONTREAL - Flu season is at its peak and, as a result, local emergency rooms have been overrun by 155 percent occupancy rates.

Officials are asking those afflicted with the flu to sit it out at home unless they are experiencing trouble breathing or experiencing extremely high fevers.

Three strains of the flu are making the rounds, two of them a newer breed and health officials recommend vaccination to protect against the bug.

“It’s a big season because they are two new strains this year,” said Dr. Renee Paree.

Officials recommend people continue to sneeze or cough into their sleeves, wash hands thoroughly and often, and try to avoid exposing their affliction to others, as the incubation period is five days.

Only about one quarter of Montrealers have been vaccinated against the flu and about 100,000 are expected to catch the virus this season.

Those who wish to find further information on how to get the shot can consult