The regional director for civil security in Montreal, Laval, and the Laurentians is expecting the worst flooding in a decade.

This comes after at least 22 homes in Mirabel were damaged by floods on Monday morning, a road was damaged in Rawdon, and many homes were flooded in Ste. Therese and other municipalities earlier this month. 

Gilles Desgagnés said he believes the overall flooding levels are the worst they've been since 2008.

At one point the Riviere du Nord overflowed its banks, and although it has since dropped, with more rain in the forecast this week it could rise again.

Transport Quebec closed Route 341 in Rawdon Monday after flooding caused a pipe under the road to collapse. That led to a sinkhole opening in the concrete, partially collapsing the road.

Rawdon Mayor Bruno Guilbault said it's the worst flooding in 20 years. 

"It's not the first time the river has burst its banks but it's the first time it's been this amount," said Guilbault.

Nearby homes were evacuated on Sunday night and Monday morning.

"It wasn't a catastrophe. I've lived near water before but never seen it like today," said Jean-Marie Coupe, who was one of 14 people who had to leave their homes.

"They told me to grab my important papers and leave, so I spent the night with my friends," sadi Coupe.

He said he had never seen the water rise so high that St. Patrick St. was affected.

Melting snow from higher than normal temperatures combined with heavy rains has caused much of Quebec to be under flood warnings. On Sunday night, the L'Assomption River, the Noire River and the Maskinonge River overflowed. 

About 30 houses in Val David were flooded when the Riviere du Nord burst its banks, while another 28 houses have been cut off by rising water.

Minor flooding has also been reported in Ste. Anne de Bellevue, and areas near LaSalle Blvd. in Montreal are also under surveillance.

However, Hydro Meteo has classified most floods thus far as minor.