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Quebec reports 600 active COVID-19 outbreaks as cases climb by 795

Montreal -

Quebec public health is monitoring 600 active outbreaks within its territory as Saturday's coronavirus update reveals 795 new infections and 5 additional deaths. 

A total of 11,354 have died due to the virus in Quebec since the pandemic began.

Most new infections were reported among those not fully vaccinated, with 567 positive tests returned to people who received a first dose less than two weeks prior, or never got a shot at all. 

Hospitalizations increased to 301 as 37 more people were admitted with coronavirus symptoms.

Approximately one in three people in hospital are in the ICU, for a total of 90. Since Friday morning, nine more people are receiving intensive care.

Public health says unvaccinated people are 40 times more likely to be hospitalized after contracting COVID-19, with that group representing 32 of those newly admitted. 

The Delta variant was linked to more than three quarters of cases recorded between Sept. 5 to 11 as Quebec's average daily case increase reached 706 Saturday morning. 


Health-care workers administered 16,332 vaccine doses into the arms of Quebecers since Friday morning. 

Of those, 11,163 were delivered as second doses, with 83 per cent of those aged 12 and up now fully vaccinated. 

As of Saturday morning, 89 per cent of eligible Quebecers have received at least one shot. Top Stories

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