The Crown prosecution cross-examined the final defence witness Wednesday in the criminal trial of a special effects artist accused of controversial obscenity charges.

Remy Couture is charged with making an obscene film because of works he distributed on the Internet that show  his blend of gore, violence, and sexuality.

On the stand in the eighth day of the trial, the final witness in Couture's defence made a lengthy argument that art in movies very often exists to disgust, and that just because deviants exist is no reason to condemn a movie.

Richard Begin, a university professor who studies what constitutes art in film, said that an artist should not be held responsible for actions taken by people who watch a movie.

Creating a film does not mean you can predict the actions of its viewers, said Begin.

"No more so than Stanley Kubrick ever predicted that watching Clockwork Oranges would push youth to dress up and beat homeless people," he said.

Both sides make their closing arguments Thursday.

The case is expected to be sent to the jury for deliberation beginning Friday.