Wednesday is the last chance for one former Montreal Expos player to be named to baseball's hall of fame.

Tim Raines played 13 seasons with the Expos from 1979 until 1990.

He's been eligible for a spot in the National Baseball Hall of Fame for the past decade but has never managed to get enough votes from the sports reporters who get to choose.

The rules say a player can only be eligible for ten years, so this is Raines's final chance to get the approval of the required 75 percent of voters.

Analysts expect Raines will get that support.

Fellow Expos player Vladimir Guerrero is also eligible for the Hall of Fame.

He had great seasons in Montreal, setting team records for batting average, home runs, and more, but it was while playing for the Angels that he was named the American League MVP and made it to the playoffs multiple times.

To date only two other Montreal Expos are in the Hall of Fame: Gary Carter and Andre Dawson.