Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre says an increase in pedestrian deaths in Quebec in 2016 proves allowing right turns on red lights would be a bad idea.

Coderre has been an ardent opponent against right turns on red lights, saying Montrealers aren’t ready to change the rules of the road.

Coderre said Wednesday that the number of pedestrian deaths on the island in particular should put an end to the debate.

The question is again a hot topic because the Quebec Highway Safety Code will soon be updated.

The latest figures for last year from the SAAQ show improvements in all other areas -  the increase in pedestrian deaths are the only sour note.



For the mayor, the message is crystal clear.

Coderre said Wednesday that 43 per cent of the pedestrian deaths were on the island and that should once and for all put an end to this debate

The association of 15 suburban mayors on Montreal Island said again Wednesday that the turns could in fact be implemented safely. Coderre is head of the agglomeration council on which the City of Montreal holds most of the power, and so gets to decide these issues for the entire island.
Right turns on red are banned in just one other place in North America: New York City