The Ferrari team will not appeal a controversial penalty against driver Sebastian Vettel at the Canadian F1 race in Montreal that cost him the win.

Vettel was in the lead on lap 48 when he made a mistake that put all four of his tires on the grass in Turn 4. While trying to get back on track, race steward determined the Ferrari driver blocked Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, who was trying to overtake him on the right.

Though Vettel crossed the finish line first, the five-second penalty landed him in second place, behind Hamilton. Vettel was furious after the race and said the stewards were “blind” and stole the victory from Ferrari.

Ferrari lodged an intention to appeal after the race and had 96 hours to follow up.

On Thursday, the team told ESPN it will not take action.

"We have withdrawn our intention to appeal and we are evaluating our right to review," a spokesperson told ESPN.

The right to review must be officially formulated within 14 days of the incident, which means that the deadline to do so is June 23 - the same day as the Formula 1 Grand Prix of France.

- With files from La presse canadienne