Thirty four years after her death, the family of Sharron Prior is re-launching the search for her killer.

On March 29, 1975, 16-year-old Prior left her home on Congregation St. in Point St. Charles to meet friends a few blocks away on Ash St. She never made it.

After an extensive search by police and the community, Prior's body was found three days later in a field in Longueuil.

Police believed she had been held in a garage on Favard St., but were never able to piece the clues together well enough to track down her killer.

Now, Prior's family have set up a website and distributed some 1,000 flyers throughout the Point. 

St. Charles neighbourhood, hoping for new clues to put the case to rest once and for all.

For information on Sharron Prior's murder or to offer information to her family, please visit