Police have found one clue about a missing Quebec man, but still have no idea where he is.

Gary Forster disappeared last week and his family is desperately hoping he will be found soon.

The husband, father, and grandfather was last seen in person on Sunday January 13, when he left his granddaughter's birthday lunch in Montreal and drove back to Lachute.

His wife stayed in Montreal to help out with the grandchildren, and Forster spoke to family on Monday, but nobody has heard from him since Tuesday the 15th.

"By Thursday I was starting to get worried," said his daughter Chelsea, and after two days of no contact, the family drove to Lachute.

"The house was normal, the house was locked. All of his stuff was there, there was nothing missing," said Chelsea. Tuesday's newspaper had been brought inside the house, but Wednesday's and Thursday's were outside.

Gary Forster was declared missing on Jan. 18.


Police have searched Lachute and Montreal because the disappearance is so odd.

"We know it's so cold outside we want to find him as soon as possible," said Ronald McInnis of the Surete du Quebec.

One clue turned up this week: Forster's car was found near Atwater Market.

It had been parked near Greene Ave. and Workman St, and was ticketed and towed during a snow removal operation.

The car was relocated Wednesday, and police are now searching it for forensic evidence.


Forster's family says he is outgoing and loves to talk, and had plans to take his grandchildren out in the near future.

"Now that hockey was back on he wanted to take my son to a game," said Chelsea. "My daughter, I think he already bought tickets to go to Disney on ice so he was excited."

His sister-in-law Tracey Moore says it is not like Forster to suddenly disappear.

"Completely and absolutely out of his norm which makes it all the more stressful and shocking to us," said Moore.

"It's our hope that if any one has seen him that they would please call the police and let us know."