MONTREAL -- Yet another Montreal long-term care facility has become a hotbed of COVID-19.

More than 150 cases of the virus have been confirmed in Town of Mount-Royal's Vigi Home and family members say they are having difficulty getting information about their loved ones.

“The lack of information is very disconcerting,” said Mary Rizzi, whose 88-year-old mother Concetta Laberto lives in the Vigi. “It's very frustrating. They're doing their best, I understand that.”

Laberto, who suffers from chronic bronchitis, tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday. Rizzi said she drover from Toronto to see her mother through the home's window.

Laberto's grandson, Sam Somos, said there are concerns about protective equipment.

“My mom and I saw someone also walk in who had the gloves and the mask but didn't have a surgical gown or a face shield or anything like that,” he said. “It seems they're trying but I don't know that they have enough.”

The family isn't alone in their concerns. Tasso Skotho's 93-year-old mother also tested positive for COVID-19.

“There are some fantastic, courageous people taking care of the people getting sick here,” he said. “They need help. They need more healthcare people, they need more bodies and they need PPE. They need equipment.”

On Thursday, Premier Francois Legault has said the province has enough protective equipment.

“We have enough masks or enough gloves,” he said. “We were tight with gowns but that's being solved or in the process of being solved with Quebec companies.”

Health Minister Danielle McCann said the province's long-term care facilities will soon see reinforcements.

“We've started to send teams, the ones that are already in difficulty,” she said. “Teams to review with them, how to review the prevention of infection, how to use the protective equipment.”

The director of the Vigi was not available for comment but the regional health authority said it has been on site and redirected workers from the Jewish General Hospital to help.