MONTREAL -- Some families with loved ones at the Maimonides Geriatric Centre are worried, as they say some patients are being moved and they’re not being told about it.

Thursday night was moving day for the top three floors at Maimonides, and family members of some residents say they weren’t given clear or timely information about the move.

“Moving day happened within five minutes of us finding out about it,” said Lisa Bornstein, the daughter of a resident. “My father was given a box and was told he can take whatever can fit in the box.”

“It’s only from being a member of private Facebook groups, floor specific groups, that we were able to get information that residents from the fifth and sixth floors would be moving,” said Gabriel Sigler, son of a resident.

Sigler’s mother has mobility issues and was moved to another part of the fifth floor. Now he’s worried her routine will be disrupted.

Bornstein’s father Bob was also moved to another part of the fifth floor, and she’s worried about the upheaval, as he needs regular dialysis treatments.

“It’s really the system that’s failing them and they need help,” she said.

The moves are being done to in an effort to create hospital-like conditions inside the facility to contain the COVID-19 virus and make the seventh floor a hot zone.

Many family members point out that the workers are doing their best in a trying time, but that the situation is not be communicated properly.

“If there’s a major outbreak, we should be getting updates every two or three days,” said Sigler. “If there’s a communications officer there, I don’t know what they’re doing.”

The regional health authority told CTV News that belongings are being moved and stored by an unnamed professional company, and added that residents were informed of the move in advance.

A move, even if it’s just down the hall, is significant for those at an advanced age.


“These people once upon a time had homes, and their homes became four walls and a picture window and a TV,” said Bornstein.