MONTREAL -- A Montreal company known for its work lighting up the most recent Super Bowl halftime show is helping front-line workers stay safe while battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pixmob is using bluetooth technology to create bracelets that act as a safe-watch wristband for healthcare workers.

“One light will flash yellow to invite you to wash your hands and then green to countdown for an hour later,” said Pixmob's Simon St-Germain. “Then it will flash red to remind the employee to go wash hands at the sink.”

The company is also making face shields.

“We realized we could help get our hands on multiple items from our supply chain, which is well-developed,” said St-Germain. “We got our hands on plastic and styrofoam to build shields here in Montreal.”

Pixmob is also sourcing N95 masks through their contacts.

“I have to congratulate everyone on the team, to turn around so quickly and readapt what we do to what we're doing is so inspiring,” said St-Germain.

The company's first deliveries are scheduled to ship on April 6.