MONTREAL -- A bear that became a brief celebrity in Dorval this past May is getting some new-found respect.

The animal first appeared in Dorval backyards near the waterfront. Authorities told locals to stay indoors while the search got underway.

The animal was eventually captured, and then euthanized, leaving many residents outraged.

One woman who lives on Strathmore Street, near where the bear was captured, had an idea after being required to cut-down most of a 200 year-old tree on her yard.

She hired local chainsaw carving artist Dale Ruff to turn what is left of her tree into a tribute to the bear.

The 15-foot-high monument was carved in two phases, using several sizes of chainsaws.

“I drew some sketches, the owner came up with one,” says Ruff. “The result is pretty close”

The size of the statue is so imposing that people driving by regularly stop to look and take pictures.

Bear carving

Chainsaw artist Dale Ruff carves a memorial to a bear that ran loose in a Dorval neighbourhood before being captured and euthanized on July 24, 2021. (Stephan Giroux, CTV News)

“I’m super stoked that (the owner) got me into this project. It feels good, so many people are interested. It’s not bad for a high-school drop-out”

But most of all, it’s a reminder of an instant love affair between a wild animal and a suburban population who’s routine was briefly interrupted by a visit not soon forgotten.