An environmental group is raising concerns about a massive green space in NDG that's being used as a dump.

The St-Jacques Escarpment is four kilometres of forest near the Turcot Interchange that's home to 65 species of birds, foxes, and coyotes.

Some call it the lungs of NDG.

“It's one of the ten eco-territories on the island of Montreal, which means it's a really important place for biodiversity,” said Lisa Mintz of the group ‘Sauvons La Falaise.’

In spite of that, it’s become a dumping ground: A stove, a couch and plenty of old tires were spotted there on Thursday – as well as oil cans and other hazardous material.

What frustrates Mintz most is that the city has been told repeatedly about the problem, but it keeps happening.

“The city can't charge anyone with dumping unless they're caught in the act, and so whoever dumps these tires gets away with it,” she said.

There's a fence at the top of the escarpment meant to serve as a barrier between the green space and the businesses on St-Jacques St. The garbage is often found in areas where there's a break in the fence.

A lot of the tires were found right below a garage where there's a clear hole in the fence. The manager insists his business isn't doing the dumping, saying it's happening in the middle of the night.

At a nearby car wash, the same situation.

Mintz has visited businesses on St-Jacques St. to tell them the escarpment is not a scrapyard. She has also asking the city to fix the fence.

Last month, the city notified local businesses and people in the area that they could be fined if they're caught dumping.

To date, nothing has been cleaned up.