New voice of the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) podcast host Suzanne Desautels has been in media for 35 years, and is working to help the school board communicate better with a modern world in a new form.

"This is to find out what the children are doing, what the students are doing, what the teachers are doing," she said. "What's being accomplished?"

The podcast will accompany the emails, memos and other forms of communication parents and staff receive to help understand what's going on in their schools.

"Sometimes when you just talk to the teachers, talk to the parents, and talk to the students themselves, it makes for a conversation that communicates what's going on that much easier," said Desautels. "It kind of calms everything down."

Though the technology is modern and mobile, communicating information remains the same, said Desautels.

"All we're doing is having a conversation," she said. "We don't edit. It's just that conversation."

It's an educational experience for Desautels, who is learning about the technology and the school system at the same time.

"What interests me is what's happening in the schools, what's happening with these children," she said. "They are so smart. They get a bad wrap. These kids work so hard, and they get so much support from the teachers, the administration, (and) from the school board."

The English MTL podcast can be found anywhere podcasts are found.