MONTREAL -- Ellie White, the young Montrealer whose battle with cancer touched an uncountable number of people, has passed away.

The announcement was made on Wednesday via the Facebook page 'Helping Hands for Ellie,' by her mother, Amanda Sokoloff.

“Ellie passed away yesterday,” she wrote. “Our hearts are broken.”

In 2018, as Ellie battled leukemia, her family put out a call for bone marrow donors. Hema-Quebec reported a significant spike in donor registration during the ensuing swabbing campaign. While Ellie ultimately did receive a bone marrow transplant, the cancer came back as she began Grade 2.

“I often wake up wondering where exactly I will find the strength to make it through the day, because they’re hard for all different reasons, but the little support we get makes such an astronomical difference that it really does make it possible,” Sokoloff told CTV News after a viable donor was found. “I will be grateful for the rest of my life.

In 2019, her family brought her to Ohio to receive an experimental treatment, inspiring hundreds of people to contribute to fundraisers.