An 87-year-old woman is seeking a settlement after a major medical mishap.

Three years ago, Rolland Denis-Bradford fell and fractured her right hip, requiring emergency surgery the following day at Fleury Hospital in Montreal North.

However in a medical mistake her Dr. Maurice Duquette performed an unnecessary operation on her left hip. She was then required to have the initial surgery a day later on her right.

She was also required to move into a new nursing home offering increased care.

Duquette said he was not initially scheduled to perform the surgery and was rushed into the operating room without the opportunity to look at the X-rays.

He eventually apologized Denis-Bradford's family for the incident

The doctor is no stranger to controversy – he also made headlines after prescribing banned drugs to patients.

Denis-Bradford is seeking a settlement. If one is not reached, they plan to sue.

Her lawyer, Jean-Pierre Menard said he hopes this kind of incident never happens again.

"Every accident occurring in a hospital has to be reported to the risk management committee to be investigated, to understand what happened and to avoid repetition of such an accident," said Menard. "Here, the doctor simply told the family, ‘Okay, I operated on the wrong side. I will operate on your mother.' But the case has not been reported to the risk management committee."