MONTREAL -- Every year, Montreal's SPCA sees a surge in the number of cats and dogs abandoned after moving day. This year, the four-legged pets have been joined by some unusual animals due to a Tik Tok trend.

On the social media platform, videos of ducklings have become all the rage. Unfortunately, as the birds get older, many are being abandoned.

“Over the past three months, we've been receiving a lot of ducklings, which is incredibly unusual at the SPCA,” said Montreal SPCA spokesperson Anita Kapuscinska.

Last year, the organization took in six ducks. This year, they've received almost 10 times that many.

“It's a huge problem, to be able to find sanctuaries that are willing and able to take these ducks in,” said Kapuscinska.

David Hamburg, who runs an NDG pet supply store, said duck owners need to know the animals can live as long as 20 years.

“I can get it, it's kind of a cool pet, but not if you're in the city. They need a lot of room,” he said.

Overall, the SPCA is reporting a 20 per cent increase in animals brought to the shelter over the past year, which they attribute to the ending pandemic and Montreal's ongoing housing crisis.

“One of the things the Montreal SPCA is asking for is leniency on the part of the landlord, especially considering the current crisis,” said Kapuscinska.

Kapuscinska warned of another issue surrounding duck ownership.

“They have a very active digestive system, so it can get quite messy at home.”

Or, as Hamburg puts it: “Remember, they poop a lot.”