MONTREAL -- A wild police chase ensued Friday morning after a drone was spotted flying over the Bordeaux jail in the north of Montreal.

Montreal police (SPVM) spokesperson Julian Levesque reported that Bordeaux jail security called police around 1 a.m., after seeing a drone flying near the provincial prison.

SPVM officers then searched for people flying the drone and located them near the banks of the Riviere des Prairies and a chase ensued on foot.

Laval police (SPL) aided in chasing the two men, and the Montreal Fire Department (SIM) deployed their rescue boat in case anyone jumped in the river.

The two men went onto the train bridge connecting Montreal and Laval, and police intercepted the men, one of whom attempted to jump into the river.

Both men were arrested and released on a promise to appear in court.

The drone was also seized and Levesque could not say what it was carrying or whether a package was located.

According to Radio-Canada, 32 drones have been spotted flying over the Bordeaux jail since 2013.

In at least half of those cases, police discovered items including cell phones, drugs and cigarettes were being carried by the drones when they were intercepted.