In the words of the great Bob Dylan, the tires, they are a-changing.

As of Saturday, motorists in Quebec will be permitted to take off their winter tires and put on their summer or all-season ones.

The winter tire rule pertains to all passenger vehicles, taxis, motorcycles and scooters, with some exceptions. Any offender is liable to a fine ranging from $200 to $300, in addition to fees.

However, the SAAQ is recommending caution, noting that there could be a cold snap ahead and that in temperatures below 7 C or when there is ice or snow on the pavement, the rubber of summer or all-season tires becomes hard and less adherent.

According to an Environment Canada forecast, temperatures will dip below freezing on Mondays.

Winter tires will need to reinstalled on Dec. 1 rather than the usual Dec. 15 due to a change in the Highway Safety Code.