The driver of the vehicle that crashed into a Montreal bus shelter on Friday has died.

Montreal police (SPVM) confirmed on Tuesday that the 21-year-old man, who was in critical condition when transported to the hospital, succumbed to his injuries.

Two of the passengers (both 20 years old) in the crash remain in critical condition and police said one (also 20 years old) is "out of danger." 

The crash occurred around 1:40 p.m. Cote Saint-Luc Road between Grand Boulevard and Kensington Avenue.

The four men were in an Infiniti car, and the SPVM said that speed may have been a factor in the crash, but they're not ruling out any hypothesis.

"We're still investigating the causes and circumstances that led to the accident," said SPVM spokesperson Jean-Pierre Brabant.

Brabant said a vehicle mechanical inspection is underway.

No one was in the bus shelter when the car crashed into it and no pedestrians were injured.