Ten days after the Highway 13 debacle that left hundreds of people stranded on Highway 13, many of those who were trapped met to learn about their legal options.

Marlene Berman is the lead plaintiff in a request for a class-action lawsuit filed by Joey Zukran. At least one other request has been filed, and if the cases are allowed to go ahead a judge will have to decide which legal team will be in charge.

While waiting for permission from the courts, those who were trapped exchanged stories about being stuck in a car that could not move.

"I had no heat and I had my dress shoes on so my feet were completely frozen," said Kevin McKenzie.

It's still unclear exactly what led to people being stuck.

Two Sureté du Quebec officers have been suspended, as has been civil servant with the Ministry of Transportation.

Meanwhile tow truck drivers have said truck drivers refused to get towed, and truck drivers have said that was not the case.

Zukran said the response has been overwhelming.

"We've received over 300 signups on our website so that's just people saying I was there, here is my story," said Zukran. "I haven't slept the last few nights I would like to read every single one of them."

Berman said she is calling on the government to make sure that whatever transpired never goes on again.

"We need to mobilize some kind of plan of action. we live in a different world," said Berman. "The whole premise behind this is 'what if'."

Berman said her point is not getting money out of the government -- it's creating a change.

"It's not just us and me, it's you, it's you, it's everyone. Now what happens in the face of a real disaster?"