Dozens of cars in Repentigny were  vandalized with stickers threatening Quebecers with consequences if they don’t convert to Islam.

The stickers feature a picture of a man in a turban with a gun, an ISIS flag and the phrases “Quebec is Allah’s land” and “Convert, or else…”

The cars were in parking lots on Brien Blvd. and Valmont St.

"To me, it seems whoever did that was probably serious in their intentions," said Etienne Blais, who got one of the stickers on his car's windshield. "But I think it was a waste of time. There's no way something like that would work here."

Repentigny police said they are investigating with Surete du Quebec and are taking this incident very seriously. Witnesses told police they saw four people leaving one of the parking lots wearing burqas.

Haroun Bouazzi, spokesperson for the Association of Muslims and Arabs for Laicite said he believes this can be the work of someone who is trying to embarrass the Muslim community.

"We have been seeing that even in our official Facebook page where people post stuff where they are explaining that all Muslims are ready to kill homosexuals and they are ready to marry 9-year-old girls and stuff like that," he said. "After watching the Facebook account, we understand pretty fast that it is not a Muslim at all."