A Laval synagogue struggling to pay $100,000 in repairs has found assistance from unlikely donors, and thanked them Tuesday with a special ceremony.

Last October, Vandals placed a garden hose in a pipe at the Young Israel of Chomedey Synagogue. The pipe led into the building's oil tank, resulting in 2,300 litres of oil forced out onto the back lawn.

Insurance will only pay for part of the damage, which left the synagogue's future in jeopardy.

While police had no leads in the investigation, the synagogue was surprised to discover a wealth of donations, said the synagogue's vice-president Norman Fogel.

"We're surprised in general by what we call 'unsolicited donations,'" he said, citing a complete stranger from Calgary, a former member now living in Israel and a local church who thought raising money was the neighbourly thing to do.

"I think it was taken for granted that these are our neighbours in trouble, let's help them out," said Father Peter Sabbath of the Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church.

Including help from the neighbouring church, the synagogue has received about $30,000 in donations.

"You just have to react to it. It's such an unthinkable thing to do, and it could happen to any church. You would hope that we would react that way no matter who it is," said parishioner Deidre Rochefort.