MONTREAL -- Running on deck, diving in the shallow end and too much rough play...

All the rules were broken at Eccelstone Pool in Kirkland at the "dog splash bash" is an annual fundraiser for Animatch Dog Adoption Services.

On the last day of the season, before the pool was drained and closed-up, Jasper, Wilson, Zoe, Duke, Maverick and Duke did belly-flops and chased tennis balls.

Admission to the dog splash bash for Animatch was $5 a dog, and many owners brought their whole family along.

Duke was wading around in the baby pool with his smaller human, while Zoe dog-paddled around the big pool with her bigger human.

Cindy Hughes, an Animatch volunteer said: “ It’s a phenomenal day! Tiny dogs, big dogs - all having fun. We've had some kids in the pool enjoying time with their dogs in the water, a perfect night.”

“To have a big group of dogs in and around a pool has an absurdity to it that I think is hilarious,” said Rob, Duke’s human.

Even if they didn't dog-paddle, all dogs were allowed to cool by the pool, and many were happy to refresh the bystanders with a good splash from time to time.

The volunteer group at Eccelstone Pool organized this pup-ular event.

“Many of us are dog families and it was a no-brainer to us to give back a tiny little bit to these organizations that have given us family members over the years,” said co-organizer Sheila Dunwoodie

Many of the furry family members came from Animatch, a non-profit dog adoption service.

The hundreds of dollars raised at the event will go towards vet care.

“Vet care is a huge expense for us. Dogs that need extra care, over and above the usual vet services,” said Hughes.

So, as the sun set on the end of the pool season, it was a bittersweet goodbye made better by breaking some rules with some furry buddies and making the most out of the last dog days of summer.