With an Ontario teen hospitalized with what appears to be the first case of a vaping-related illness, doctors are calling for the Canadian government to crack down on e-cigarette until more research can be done.

The London, ON high school student was treated for what doctors called a “severe illness” that required a stay in the intensive care unit and was at one point on life support. On Thursday, doctors said the teen recovered and was released from hospital.

In the United States several state have taken action against e-cigarettes after seven people died of vaping-related lung illnesses.

Quebec Coalition for Tobacco Control spokesperson Flory Doucas said she’d like to see stricter laws in Canada as well.
“Kids think they’re invincible and will try these products but they rapidly get hooked,” she said. “There are sleek and intensive marketing that kids see surrounding these products, especially social media campaigns.”

Liberal MP Ginette Petitpas, who served as Health Minister in Justin Trudeau’s cabinet, said she’s looking into stricter laws but not an outright ban.

“We are consulting on banning the promotion of different information and also looking at the issue of banning certain flavours as well,” she said. “At the end of the day we want to make sure that we do all that we can to protect our youth.”