A doctors' coalition is demanding the Quebec government make an emergency purchase of 3 million doses of the swine flu vaccine to speed up inoculation of the province's 7.8 million residents.

Doctors for social justice says Quebec should turn to the international market rather than depending on Canadian suppliers.

"According to our sources, these vaccines are now available for the Quebec population," the group said in a statement on Wednesday morning.

"It's urgent to vaccinate as quickly as possible before the peak of pandemic activity in mid-November."

The group says the situation is all the more critical given that it takes 10 to 14 days for a vaccinated person to build up sufficient immunity to the flu virus.


Health-care workers and people with chronic conditions have so far been given priority for vaccination, which has caused frustration among people who can't immediately get the shots.

CTV News has learned that Montreal's public health agency is planning to alter its vaccination schedule in order to allow young children to get the H1N1 shot sooner than originally planned.

A health official told CTV News the decision is the result of many children coming down with the flu.