Transport Quebec will start dismantling Highway 720 East in November.

The provincial agency quietly released a map this week explaining the next phase of major work on the Turcot Interchange.

It shows drivers will use a new road, called Route 136, to get from the Turcot Interchange to an area just past Atwater Ave., at which point they will enter the Ville Marie Expressway tunnel.

Route 136 runs parallel to the existing Ville Marie Expressway.

The map shows drivers heading east on Highway 20, or coming south from the Decarie Expressway, will start using new, one-lane ramps to Route 136 in November.

But as crews work on the new road and the connections through the Turcot, the ramps from Decarie South and the 20 East will be closed on weekends from November until February or March 2017.


The destruction of the Ville Marie East comes after a summer of work on the elevated highway.

In April the ramp that connected Highway 15 North to the 720 East was destroyed.

Over the summer the exit ramps from the 720 to Guy, and to Atwater, were closed for months on end.

Transport Quebec is urging drivers to take public transportation to get around, and is spending tens of millions of dollars to buy new buses and add extra service to bus lines across Montreal.