Mayor Denis Coderre wants to force some fresh air into Sanimax, a Rivere-des-Prairies-Pointe-Aux-Trembles company that recycles animal carcasses.

Sanimax has been in a long-running feud with nearby residents because of the stench, and the fact that the animal waste frequently spills over the top of trucks and onto the concrete.

Now Coderre says it’s time to compel the company to upgrade its equipment; the city’s lawyers will seek injunctions in the coming days.

One of the injunctions outlines a potential zoning bylaw, and the other one directly addresses the smell.

The mayor has consulted with residents and the borough has tried to discuss the issue with Sanimax—so far without much progress.

With 350 employees on Sanimax’s payroll, Coderre has voice concern about those jobs. However, he also believes that the injunctions are the best way to save those jobs and respect their neighbourhood of operation.

Coderre explained that people can’t even enjoy playing outside or using the public pool because of the smell and sight of carcasses.

If granted, the injunctions would force Sanimax to upgrade its air-filtering technology.